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14 March 2014


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Love it!!! Looks tasty... always tastier when it gets all over our faces too. :-)

If you feel like stopping by : We had a quiet week, waiting out the storms, lots of indoor play. But we still managed to have some fun!

Hope you have a GREAT week-end!


mmm, something sure looks tasty. Have fun this weekend with your little chefs. Be well.


Wonderful! I love these moments.

Here is mine:

Have a wonderful weekend!


yum!!! i've always loved doing that & now my boys do, too. i mean, really. it's such a simple pleasure that is so universally fun. ;-) thanks for sharing!!

here's my moment, if you'd like to visit. my 3yo misfired with his older brother's model paint. whoops.


How fun! We had some of that going on while making coffee cake with my 2 year old this morning. Have a wonderful weekend!

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